Mobile Wood Fired Pizza

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804.658.4968 / Available for On Site Catering & Drop Off.
Also, on location at many popular Richmond, Virginia events.

Good food & good people

It started like Fight Club but we called it Pizza Club. Once a month friends and family got together to enjoy fresh pizzas, drinks and camaraderie…and no one ever talked about Pizza Club. However, Pizza Club gradually morphed into Pizza Tonight and now, everyone’s talking about it. In just our first few years we’ve grown like crazy and built a woodfired pizza empire…O.K. more like an local, community centered behemoth. Either way, we love providing Richmond and the surrounding areas with amazing foods. Whether it on location with our mobile oven, or through Pizza Tonight On-Site catering service, let us know what we can cook for you.

amazing company

There's more to great food than great ingredients. Pizza Tonight was built by the love of family, friends and food all coming together.

delicious food

Of course, one great way to get everyone at the same table, is to serve food that excites. Pizza is just the beginning. 

artisan quality

History tells us, there's no better way and we're not crazy enough to question it...that, and tastebuds don't lie.